Your Best greenhouse heater – How to heating the greenhouse?

Heating Your greenhouse with SinoGreen Best Greenhouse Heater

Using SinoGreen best greenhouse heaters brings great benefits for the correct growth of plants, vegetables and flowers. Its high combustion efficiency and quickness in reaching comfort or anti frost temperatures prevent the growth phase of the crop.
The hot water needs to be produced by a diesel/ gas or biomass boiler or heating pump. By means of a circulation pump, the hot water can passe through the interior of the heating coil of the unit heater and the heat transfer is carried out by the air fan of the air heater.

Heating of greenhouses dedicated to the cultivation of cucumbers in Canada.

SINOGREEN, has supplied 200 best greenhouse heaters of 26kW each for the heating of several greenhouses dedicated to the cultivation of cucumbers.

The unit heater canada works with boilers of natural gas and the diffusion of the air is with a network of perforated flexible ducts to distribute the air in a uniform way.

This is a first phase of supply, since in the future other greenhouses will be heated to grow tomatoes.

SINOGREEN, is a manufacturer of evaporative heating and cooling equipment since 2003.