Best ventilation fans and cooling panels for your poultry house

Ventilation Fans and wet walls for poultry houses

SinoGreen has been designing ventilation fans, barn inlets and EVAP systems for free-range poultry farms since 2003, with the aim of guaranteeing ideal living conditions for the animals.

The fundamental function of the ventilation and cooling systems in poultry farms is to lower the temperature inside the shed during the hottest periods and guarantee proper air exchange to safeguard the welfare of the animals. The temperature is kept constant thanks to a system that consists of commercial exhaust fans, air extractors, evaporative panels and air inlets. It is also possible to integrate the system with a pressurised mechanism that distributes water spray in the area through a number of nozzles. You can refer to those products to choose your solution for poultry or greenhouse as ventilation or cooling system.


Fully liftable automatic feed pan dispenser, especially designed for feeding breeding cockerel.
Cockerels are particularly aggressive and vigorous; besides, the rationing of the feed helps to make them hungry and nervous. The ideal feeder must therefore be sturdy, stable and have ample space to access to the feed.
The spiral conveyor system, sized to feed the breeding stock, ensures a constant amount of fresh feed in each pan of the line.


Pan feeding system for turkeys; the feeder is very sturdy and was designed specifically to respond to the physical characteristics and behaviour of turkeys. Being large animals, it was necessary to create a feeder that offered easy access to the chick, and that was large and able to withstand the adult animal’s impact.

Automatic nipple drinkers

Automatic nipple drinker for water distribution. Adaptable to different types of poultry farms such as broiler chickens, laying hens, ducks, breeding stock. It is possible to choose between low or high water flow drip drinkers, single or multidirectional, to meet the various needs of the farm. The water only comes out when the animal operates the valve. In this way, fresh and clean water is always supplied.

Small changes in the supply of feed, water or lighting schedule can result in a better performance of the animals. Animal behavior, efficient working methods and optimal ventilation are key when designing a new house. SinoGreen Poultry Equipment provides advice to poultry farmers worldwide to successfully improve their production results. Our poultry managers are experts on the behaviour and needs of broilers, breeders, and layers.

SinoGreen continues to mark the fundamental moments in the evolution of poultry free-range farming; a point of reference for leading China and foreign groups and, at the same time, a direct support for small farms. Our experts are at the customer’s disposal to guide their choice towards the most suitable solution. Best solutions can be provided for your project after contacting with us asap! Please check here to find an answer!

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