UNIT HEATERS – Tips for Heating A Greenhouse Over Winter

modine eletric green-house unit hot water to hot air fan heater heaters

You need space heater with low installation costs!

Winter growth and germination are difficult when soil temperatures seldom climb out of the low 50 degree level. Sure you can use a heating mat to encourage germination. But even the hardiest green grows slowly — very slowly — when nighttime air temperatures plunge. So how to grow a variety of crops through the off-season in most climates?

A standard greenhouse needs large amounts of heating – usually units fan or hot water unit heaters, which makes greenhouses costly to operate year-round for many growers. So we all need some tips on how to heat a greenhouse and keep our plants warm without it costing the earth.

modine eletric green-house unit hot water to hot air fan heater heaters

Direct Solar Energy

The electromagnetic radiation of the sun will heat all the objects inside the greenhouse. For plastic or glass greenhouses, the most important and first heat source is solar energy, direct from the sun passing through the walls.

Bubble Wrap

Another way to maximize the warm air that we can capture inside our greenhouse during a cold winter is by using bubble wrap to insulate the translucent walls of our greenhouse. Also use bubble insulation to wrap outdoor pots, protecting rootballs from freezing weather, and preventing our favourite pots from cracking. The bundles of this are perfect as greenhouse insulation which are common and inexpensive material around our house from mail order parcels.

Electric Greenhouse Fan Heater

A greenhouse is an invaluable thing to have for your tender plants during the winter. Electric heating is safest, fan heaters also help to spread warmth evenly throughout your greenhouse, reducing the possibility of cold spots developing. You can find the best electirc greenhouse heaters in this list so that you can grow your favorite plants year-round!

modine eletric green-house unit hot water to hot air fan heater heaters
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Greenhouse Water To Air Unit Heaters

The hot water air heater units are working by converting hot water to hot air. Circulation within the greenhouse is by heating fans.  Available in outputs from 12,000 to 700,000 Btu/hr, SinoGreen unit heaters are low cost and easy to install. Supply pipes should be insulated to reduce heat loss. Unit heaters work well in your greenhouse as a supplement to root zone heat by providing the extra heat needed on cold nights. Try to find more wall -mounted air heaters for your greenhouse in the cool winter!


SinoGreen has many different styles and sizes of unit fan heaters at competitive prices, including modine heaters , portable heaters and more! Choose from electric heaters, propane gas and natural gas heaters. If you need to protect your plants and vegetables in cold weather, SinoGreen is the best answer to all your horticulture, nursery and greenhouse heating needs!

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