SINOGREEN The Leader in Light Traps

SinoGreen VENT BOX LIGHT TRAPS | For Greenhouses, Cannabis Growing, Livestock Farms

Optimizing breeder performance requires the ability to control and completely block out light by using  light traps, while simultaneously providing the maximum airflow possible. SinoGreen has engineered superior light reduction since 2003. Through independent testing and on site observation, SinoGreen Light Traps are recognized around the world for their effectiveness and durability.

SinoGreen Light Trap models are designed to provide an exact amount of light blocking (darkout) needed for a particular application. Differences in shape, depth, and spacing will allow us to properly fit you with the light trap that is best suited for your needs.

All SinoGreen models are available in various configurations, sizes, light reductions, and air-flow capabilities.

SinoGreen Light Traps are made of durable corrosion free plastics, providing a clean and long lasting product. They are easily assembled, removed, and provide superior performance. All SinoGreen products like air inlets or air circulator fans are shipped in knocked-down form to save on shipping costs.