Efficient Exhaust Fans in swine barns

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Fiberglass exhaust fans - Efficient ventilation System for Swine

 You need SinoGreen FRP Exhaust Fans when moisture occurs from several sources in swine barns including:

  • Pigs breathing (respiration).
  • Drinking water spills.
  • Evaporation of urine and manure.

SinoGreen FRP cone fans help remove the gas, excess heat and moisture in the swine barns which can provide optimum living conditions for pigs. But you just need to set the fan speeds and temperature in the room according to the pig’s size needs, then leave it. Please remember don’t drastically change the hogs’s environment as they are accustomed to fairly steady temperatures.  SinoGreen ventilation systems will work properly and efficiently for your swine barns.

 If you want to quickly calculate the needed fans and inlets  and can troubleshoot issues to efficiently manage the environment within the barn, please feel free to let us know!

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