SinoGreen barn air inlets system for healthy animals

In order to bring fresh air into the building through planned openings, thoroughly mix stale inside air with outside air, pick up heat, moisture and air contaminants, and exhaust moist contaminated air from the building, well designed and properly managed air inlets or air ventilation system is necessary.

  • Provide fresh air throughout the building
  • Control direction and speed of fresh air jets for complete mixing
  • Maintain sufficient air velocity
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The ceiling inlets (single / double version) are specially for wider houses with a lowered ceiling. The V-shape air inlet ensures a powerful flow of fresh air up to a capacity of no less than 80% horizontally along the ceiling. There is no other ceiling inlet that can match these results. It can prevent climate fluctuations because of the better air mixing in the house.

The wall inlets are built into the side wall of poultry house and pig barns. The incoming air is directed to the ridge of the building where it mixes with the warm air in the buildings. The aerodynamic housing is fitted with an air entry cone which reduces the air resistance. In combination with the jet stream, the SinoGreen air inlets delivers 30% more capacity, which means you can save on the quantity of wall air inlets. At the same time, considering the energy price is going crazy recently, it will also have a positive effect on energy consumption.

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The panels of SinoGreen tunnel inlets slide over each other from top to bottom. As the inlet opens gradually, so the ventilation flow in the building increases slowly. Combined with the unique shape of the inlet, the gradual opening makes the tunnel inlet also suitable for minimum ventilation. The robust design and the high air capacity ensure long life of carefree operation.

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Important advantages of SinoGreen fresh air inlets

Inlets play a very important function in poultry house ventilation design, almost the most important aspect of the whole ventilation system due to their role in providing uniform air distribution throughout the buildings. Why is it important to install SinoGreen inlets system?

    • Inlets can be opened individuallyto create stable air jets
    • Insulated inletsflap to keep the buildings airtight
    • Stable circulation,an even temperature and low heating requirements under the exact control system
    • High quality materials for a long service life
    • High pressure cleaners can be used without concern

Healthier animals thanks to SinoGreen air inlet systems

Your animals will have sufficient fresh air under all circumstances thanks to an undisturbed flow of air. This ensures happy, healthy animals that develop easier, faster and better.

We do much more than just air inlets systems, if you want more information about ventilation, heating or cooling system in poultry house, warehouse, greenhouse and livestock, please feel free to contact us now. We are happy to help you!