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Specialized in air heaters, wall fans and wall vents, etc..

SinoGreen(China) offers a wide range of heating, cooling and HVAC products to the industrial, commercial and agricultural markets. 

SinoGreen’s product line creates a better environment for your plants or animals with clean air and lower heating/cooling costs. SinoGreen EXHAUST FANS and UNIT HEATERS are important in your efforts to reduce fuel costs and temperature stratification by mixing the hot ceiling air with the cooler air on the floor, tempering the air and reducing dead spots. SinoGreen AIR INLETS, WALL SHUTTER FANS and EVAPORATIVE SYSTEMS  provides comfort and optimizes your swine, dairy and poultry performance, creating the proper environment to develop to their full genetic potential for outstanding production.

We are committed to creating partnerships and long-term relationships. Our solutions are designed and manufactured by SinoGreen in China and distributed in all over the world through confident partners.

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